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As electronic trading increases across asset classes and global markets, new regulations are making it essential for firms to utilize the most effective risk systems to process complex information and protect their firms.

Recent US and global regulatory rule changes have affected sponsoring and executing brokers, limiting their ability to delegate controls to other parties and requiring real-time order-level checking. Firms need to maximize their ability to manage risk in real-time while increasing profitability to be competitive in this market. Dynamo Risk Control Management System (DRCMS) is an ultra-low latency, real-time order validation engine designed to meet the needs of firms offering correspondent clearing services, sponsored access (SPA) or direct market access (DMA) solutions. DRCMS is a distributed system that provides a centralized view of trading activity and control over multiple systems, routes and access points, providing customers with a risk control platform that manages risk without compromising speed.

As head of trading, compliance or risk, you need to:

Codistics' RCNS provides a global pre-trade risk platform that will help you: